LA Pop Up Handbook

Are you gearing up for a pop up in Los Angeles? Utilize our guide to ensure the success of your pop up store, showcase or event in LA!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your LA Pop-Up Event

Establish Clear Goals 

Before diving in articulate your objectives. Whether its enhancing brand visibility, product testing or curating a brand encounter having goals will steer your planning journey.

Plan Your Budget

Mapping out a budget is essential. Consider the following expenses:

  • Rental Expenses: Rates in LA vary based on location and space size, ranging from €1,150 to over €22,500 per week (xNomad).

  • Permits and Certificates: Allocate between €185 and €1,400 depending on the permits.

  • Setting Up and Decorating: Professional design services can range from €4,600 to €14,000.

  • Promoting Your Business: Plan to spend €920 to €4,600 on marketing efforts.

  • Hiring Staff: Expect to pay employees between €14 and €28 per hour.

Finding the Location

The location of your store is vital. XNomad offers options for renting pop up stores, showrooms and event spaces throughout Los Angeles. Use our platform to filter by area, size and budget to locate the spot.

Designing and Setting Up

Ensure that your pop-up shop is visually appealing and aligns with your brand identity. Consider these design elements:

  • Interior Design: Bringing in a designer can help create an inviting space, typically costing between €4,600 and €9,200.

  • Signage and Branding: Set aside €460 to €1,840 for high-quality signs and branding materials.

  • Displays: Budget €920 to €2,760 for fixtures.

Permits and Rules

While not all pop-ups require permits, adherence to regulations is often necessary in Los Angeles. Here are some common permits you might need:

  • Temporary Retail Permit: Necessary for sales activities, usually costs between €92 and €185.

  • Signage Permit: If you plan to use signs outside your store, you'll need a Signage Permit, which typically ranges from €46 to €185.

  • Event Permit: Hosting events in your pop-up may require an Event Permit costing between €92 and €460.

Promoting Your Pop-Up

Marketing is crucial for the success of your pop-up. Consider these strategies to create excitement:

  • Allocate a budget of €460 to €1,840 for social media campaigns with targeted ads.

  • Engage with your audience through email marketing campaigns that range from €92 to €460.

  • Collaborating with influencers can cost between €460 and €1,840.

Store Operations and Staff

To ensure a seamless customer experience, focus on operations and friendly staff. Keep in mind:

  • Hiring staff typically ranges from €14 to €28 per hour.

  • Implement an inventory tracking system for effective inventory management.

  • Invest in a POS system that can cost between €460 and €1,840.


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