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Whether you’re dreaming of opening your first store or ready to expand into new territories, our tailored agency services are here to make your journey smooth and successful.

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xNomad goes beyond store management, offering the essential capabilities and structural support necessary to expand your brand's presence in the physical retail landscape.

Location Scouting

Our experts utilize cutting-edge market analytics and local insights to identify high-traffic and strategic locations that align perfectly with your brand ethos and audience.

Concept Design

We translate your brand’s identity into stunning, functional store designs that resonate with your target audience, ensuring every space is as unique as your brand.

Retail Experience Development

From sensory experiences to interactive elements, we develop immersive retail environments that enhance customer engagement and boost retention.

Pop-Up Tours

Launch pop-up shops across cities or countries with our full-service solutions, including logistics, installation, and management, to test markets and create buzz.


Klarna x Shein
Klarna x Shein's Pop-Up Tour: Fashion Forward with xNomad

Unveiling the Klarna x Shein pop-up tour with xNomad in 2022 and 2023, where fashion meets innovation across cities. A must-see retail journey.

Pop Mart
Pop Mart Launches First Pop-up Store in Amsterdam with xNomad

Pop Mart, partnered with xNomad, to quickly set up and launch its first Pop-up Store in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Fisker Automobile 2022 Pop-Up Store

Explore Fisker's 2022 pop-up store with xNomad, where cutting-edge EV technology met sustainable retail, creating unforgettable consumer experiences.

Samsung's Innovative Pop-Up in Stockholm 2022 with xNomad

Discover Samsung's 2022 pop-up in Stockholm with xNomad, merging technology and sustainability for an unforgettable retail experience.

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Premier locations in major cities

From the sophisticated streets of Paris and Berlin's lively districts, to the iconic avenues of New York, the chic boulevards of Los Angeles, and Milan’s trendy neighborhoods, our venues are right in the heart of each city's most sought-after areas.

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Paris, France  

Step into the world of high fashion and timeless elegance in Paris! Known as the capital of chic, Paris offers an exquisite backdrop for luxury boutiques, avant-garde concept stores, and everything in between. Connect with a sophisticated audience in a city renowned for its iconic style and artistic flair.

New York City, United States  

Dive into the heart of retail in the city that never sleeps! New York City is a melting pot of cultures, styles, and endless possibilities. Whether you're opening a chic boutique, an innovative tech store, or anything in between, NYC offers the ultimate stage to connect with a diverse and vibrant audience.

Berlin, Germany  

Embrace the cutting-edge and creative spirit of Berlin, where the energy is infectious and the streets are steeped in history and modernity. Ideal for brands that resonate with a youthful and eclectic demographic, Berlin offers a dynamic scene for experimental pop-ups and trend-setting retail ventures.

Milan, Italy  

Experience the pulse of fashion in Milan, where tradition meets innovation. As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is the perfect place for retailers looking to immerse in an environment driven by design and luxury. Attract fashion-forward consumers in a city that lives and breathes high fashion.


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