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Pop Mart Launches First Pop-up Store in Amsterdam with xNomad

Pop Mart, partnered with xNomad, to quickly set up and launch its first Pop-up Store in Amsterdam, Netherlands.



Pop Mart, globally renowned toy brand known for its stylized figurines, recently expanded into Europe by opening a pop-up store in Amsterdam. The company partnered with xNomad, a retail tech provider, to quickly set up and launch its first Pop-up Store in the Netherlands.

About Pop Mart:

Founded in 2010, Pop Mart has become one of the largest designers and producers of pop culture-inspired toys and collectibles in China. Their distinctive blind box figurines with giant heads and tiny bodies have earned Pop Mart a cult-like following. After achieving immense popularity in Asia, Pop Mart is now aiming to grow its European fanbase.  

The Pop-Up Store:

Address: Liguster 202, 2262 AC Leidschendam, Netherlands

Located in Amsterdam's busiest shopping mall, Westfield Mall in the Netherlands, Pop Mart's pop-up store features colorful interiors and display cases filled with limited edition toys. The store's grand opening on October 20,2023 drew crowds of eager fans to get their hands on exclusive figurines.

xNomad's Role:

To quickly get the Amsterdam pop-up store up and running, Pop Mart turned to xNomad for an end-to-end retail solution. xNomad handled selecting the location, building out the retail space, managing local partners. Together with its partner, Workshop the Consumer Experience Agency, xNomad also helped Pop Mart to build brand experience activation to connect with the local market. 

The xNomad platform enabled Pop Mart to set up the pop-up store in just several weeks by streamlining every step of the retail process. xNomad's expertise launching pop-up stores also ensured the space was on-brand and primed for sales.


The pop-up store's launch was a resounding success that exceeded projections. For Pop Mart, the Amsterdam pop-up store marks a major milestone in their European expansion and has bolstered plans to launch more locations across the continent. xNomad's turnkey solution gave Pop Mart the agility needed to swiftly seize opportunities to connect with new audiences.


Pop Mart's successful Amsterdam pop-up store demonstrates how brands can leverage retail tech partners like xNomad to accelerate growth and activate temporary retail spaces. With xNomad's help, Pop Mart gained valuable experience in the European market while avoiding the risks and overhead of permanent stores.