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Average Cost of Hosting a Pop-Up Store in Los Angeles

Discover the average cost of hosting a pop-up store in Los Angeles and how xNomad can help with flexible rental terms and agency services.


Setting up pop-up stores has become an effective method for brands to connect with customers in a space without committing to long-term leases. Los Angeles, known for its culture and bustling retail scene, is a city to host such temporary stores. However, the question arises: what are the actual costs involved in establishing a pop-up store in LA? This article will delve into the expenses and highlight how xNomad can streamline the process through flexible rental options and comprehensive agency services.

Factors Affecting Pop-Up Store Costs in Los Angeles

Factors play a role in determining the cost of running a pop-up store in Los Angeles including location, duration, and additional services. Let's take a look at these variables:

1. Location:

  • Prime Locations: Popular areas like Downtown LA, Melrose Avenue, and Venice Beach tend to be pricier with rates ranging from €4,600 to €69,000 per week.

  • Up and Coming Neighborhoods: Emerging districts like Echo Park or Silver Lake offer budget alternatives usually priced between €1,840 and €23,000 per week.

2. Cost Estimates:

  • Short Term Rentals: If you're looking to rent a space for a week, prices can vary from €920 to €69,000 based on the location.

  • Monthly Rentals: For longer periods, the daily rate may decrease slightly but overall costs usually range from €3,680 to €151,800 per month.

3. Space Size and Type:

  • Small Boutiques: Renting spaces of around 46.5 sq. meters could start at €920 per week.

  • Larger Showrooms: Larger spaces exceeding 93 sq. meters might cost €13,800 per week.

4. Additional Expenses:

  • Utilities and Maintenance: On average, expect to budget between €184 and €460 each month for utilities and maintenance.

  • Interior Design and Setup: Depending on your design requirements, expenses for design and setup could range from €920 to €9,200.

  • Staffing: Temporary staff wages typically range from €13.80 to €27.60 per hour.

  • Marketing and Promotions: Setting aside funds ranging from €920 to €4,600 can help ensure that your pop-up receives the attention it needs.

How xNomad Can Assist

At xNomad, we recognize the challenges involved in finding the perfect pop-up store rental in Los Angeles. That's why we provide a variety of services aimed at supporting your success:

1. Renting Flexibility:

Whether you're in need of a space for a short weekend getaway, a month-long stay, or even a longer duration, xNomad offers rental terms that are adaptable to suit your specific requirements.

2. Extensive Selections:

Our platform showcases a range of options for pop-up stores, showroom rentals, and event spaces throughout Los Angeles, making it simple for you to discover the venue for your needs.

3. Additional Agency Support:

In addition to providing spaces for rent, xNomad also extends agency services to assist with aspects like design, setup arrangements, as well as marketing and promotional tactics.

4. Professional Assistance:

Our team of professionals is readily available to offer expert guidance and support at every step of the way, ensuring the success of your pop-up store venture.

Why Opt for xNomad?

Selecting xNomad means aligning yourself with a premier platform specializing in pop-up store leasing. Our vast network and deep industry knowledge guarantee optimal location choices and terms tailored specifically to your pop-up store needs. Furthermore, our agency services allow you to concentrate on your core strengths—engaging with customers and developing your brand further.


Hosting a pop-up shop in Los Angeles can be an enriching journey that boosts brand visibility and drives sales growth. Prices may differ based on location, duration, and included services, but xNomad offers an easy and adaptable process. Through our all-encompassing platform and expert services, you'll be equipped to craft a standout pop-up event in the City of Angels.

Excited to discover the perfect pop-up shop rental in Los Angeles? Stop by xNomad now. Allow us to assist you in turning your ideas into reality!