Let us get you the dream pop-up

We have years of experience in setting up amazing pop-up experiences for world leading brands. Choose your package and let us do the work and give you your dream space, anywhere you want. 

It is not just about the space
We offer even more


We have several partnerships with furniture providers to get you the best looking store

Staff and Operations

We can arrange all staff for you anywhere you want

Point of Sales

Need a point of sales system? No problem, we can have that arranged

Project Management

Our team is always ready to provide you with the best service possible to fulfil all your pop-up dreams

Concept Development

Not exactly sure what you want? Reach out to us and we will help you find a perfect idea to reach your customers

Data and Analytics

As part of our services we will always collect the data from your pop-up experience so that you can find new insights

Why should I get a pop-up package?

Time Effective

Using our packages will be an express journey to pop-up success. With several years in the business we can help you arrange the perfect pop-up experiences. We have a list of customers and locations ready for your brand.



Using our packages means that we will take care of all those things that you do not want to do. Simply tell us what you need and we will fix the rest for you. We collaborate very closely with you and the landlords to make sure that both parties are satisfied with the process.


Customer Engaging

With our packages we will help you to find new ways to reach out to both new and existing customers. We can tailor marketing campaigns and other events to fulfil your needs of brand exposure. 


The Package Process

By requesting our packages we will give you a quick start for your pop-up journey. We will help you with everything and make sure you get your dream pop-up experience.

Concept Mapping

We will start by getting in contact with you to gather all your goals and what you would like to achieve with your store. We collect info such as your goals and your background.

Requirements Gathering

Secondly we like to gather all your requirements for your store. It can be information such as preferred locations, sizes, budget, foot traffic, KPI etc. etc.

Store planning

Lastly, we like to collect information about the store. What elements do you need in the store and together we will tailor your activations exactly to your needs.

Our Packages


A small pop-up to get you started

  • Space Sourcing
  • 8 Pieces of Furniture
  • 1 Marketing Campaign
  • 1 Staff Member
  • Implementation and Logistics
  • Project Management
EUR 25,000
For a complete month all inclusive


Our Bigger pop-up package, all inclusive

  • Space Sourcing
  • 13 Pieces of Furniture
  • 1 Marketing Campaign
  • 3 Staff Members
  • Implementation and Logistics
  • Project Management
EUR 50,000
For a complete month all inclusive


Our biggest most exclusive Package

  • Space Sourcing
  • 22 Pieces of Furniture
  • 2 Marketing Campaigns
  • 5 Staff Members
  • Implementation and Logistics
  • Project Management
EUR 75,000
For a complete month all inclusive

"xNomad helped arrange a pop-up event with thousands of visitors"

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A small pop-up to start your pop-up journey. The small pop-ups will be a perfect way for your brand to try out new ways of reaching your customers.


The medium pop-up package is for you who is looking to expand your brand even further. A bigger pop-up store will enable more products and visitors. The marketing campaigns will be more extensive and the goal is to generate hype for your brand.


The large package is for brands who is looking for big expansions. The large package will provide the brand with a big store and a big event. The goal for the large package is to gather as many visitors as possible and reach that global crowd.


Get inspired by global brands who enjoyed exceptional results from previous pop-ups, outperforming traditional retail experiences through xNomad. Want to know more? Visit our blog for brand stories, markets insights, as well as tips and tricks for your pop-up.


Experience the innovative approach to product launches with Samsung's Galaxy Z Pop-up. xNomad helped Samsung shift the traditional tech narrative by immersing customers in the functionalities of the Fold4 and Flip4 smartphones. The pop-up location at Stockholms Central Station offered a high footfall, with interactive displays and virtual activity stations for visitors to explore. The result was a major success, with eager commuters lining up outside the showroom to experience the revolutionary product launch firsthand.

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Klarna, the Swedish fintech company, partnered with fashion brands for a Summer Pop-Up Tour across Europe, revolutionizing the typical e-commerce shopping experience. With xNomad's expertise, they overcame the challenge of finding prime retail spaces in four European markets, providing a unique touch-and-feel experience for shoppers. The tour was a massive success, with over 9,000 daily visitors in Paris and extensive media buzz. Through xNomad's end-to-end solution, the brands could focus on providing the best customer experience. Pop-up activations can make a lasting impression for brands looking to expand across country borders or test their offerings in new markets.

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