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WILDE Showroom


21,944 Visitors/day
Highly daily foot traffic in this area
Move in ready
Available with design, furniture and fixture
From 1 days
Flexible booking span in this space
2,260 SF
Medium size for this area
Typical store design for this area

About this space


7 days = 40,000 € H.T.

8 days = 42,500 € H.T.

9 days = 45,000 € H.T.

10 days = 47,500 € H.T.

Wilde is a unique and special venue, located on one of the most beautiful streets in Paris’s historic Marais district, that has just been fully renovated in total respect for its identity, for :

• Art, design and lifestyle exhibitions

• Fashion week

• Olympic Games

• Pop-up

• Showroom

• Corporate events

• Photo shoot

Wilde is meant above all to accommodate actors in the world of art, design, lifestyle, fashion, photoshoot, corporate events seeking a singular offsite exposition space.

Located in the heart of Paris, at the base of the Saint-Gervais church, Wilde is warm, bright, an ideal spot for unique events in an ambiance of calm and serenity.

Configuration of the space: Total surface area = 210m2 (6 rooms and an alcove) split into 2 spaces, one totaling 140m2 on the first floor (4 adjoining rooms of roughly 35m2 each), each room equipped with a shop window onto the street and a window overlooking the side garden of the Saint-Gervais church—each space is equipped with amenities (hot drinks, etc.); and the other, a private showroom on the second floor, 70m2 split over two rooms, an alcove, a small kitchen, and a restroom.

The plus of the venue :

- the facade of the building is listed in the directory of national historic monuments ;

- the place is warm, bright, overlooking the street and the garden;

- distribution into 6 communicating rooms, ideal for an event with different atmospheres, universes or themes;

- more than 17 linear meters of display windows, for your showrooms and pop-ups;

- the venue is equipped with original art-hanging systems, secure stepladders, lighting systems with adjustable intensity, and anti-intrusion systems, ideal for art, design, lifestyle and fashion showcase.

Regarding 2024 July and August Olympic Games season, prices are given on request.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
Foot traffic
21,944 visitors/week
Average visitor age
24 – 44 years old
Gender split
Near equal


About The Space
  • Lighting
  • Share Space
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Well Placed Sockets
Retail Support
  • Fitting Room
  • Stock Room
  • Window Display
  • Security System
Staff Space
  • Staff Toilet
  • Heating
  • Kitchenette

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