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Run Physical Retail Operations With Our On-Demand Furniture

xNomad  is excited to announce our partnership with NOVU, an on-demand furniture company that makes running a pop-up shop even easier.


Currently, the availability of furniture for pop-up spaces is limited, expensive, and often requires purchasing the furniture. This makes it difficult for brands to establish a captivating presence and effectively engage with potential customers. Through this partnership, establishing a pop-up in Paris will be easier than ever before. xNomad makes it easy to find the perfect location and NOVU makes it possible to add furniture to your pop-up with a single click. 

Brands will have access to a curated selection of NOVUs standardized furniture pieces, available in both black and white finishes, with the full selection available in the catalog. In addition, brands using this service will enjoy cost savings as the collaboration makes the furniture cheaper when booked through xNomad. 

xNomad's partnership with NOVU enables brands to seamlessly integrate furniture into their pop-up experience, providing flexibility, convenience, and creative freedom. This enhances customer engagement, creates memorable shopping experiences, and establishes a stronger presence in the vibrant Parisian market. By offering affordable and curated furniture solutions, brands can test products, engage customers, and create visually stunning pop-up spaces, leading to increased store ROI through higher customer satisfaction, awareness, and conversion rates.

Does your brand want to reap the benefits of this partnership? Here is how to go about it:

How to order

  1. Request your space on the xNomad website. The service is only available at a preferential rate for brands that have requested a space on the xNomad website. The furniture is currently only available for spaces in Paris at the moment but will be rolled out to other cities soon. The order for furniture can be made even if the booking request is still pending approval from the landlord.

  1. Check the catalog for your needs. Here, you can see NOVUs offering and determine what type, number and color of furniture your space needs. 

  1. Fill in the order form. Fill in the order form and email it to [email protected]. Make sure to fill out all fields to ensure smooth communication. The order made is binding subject to a successful rental of a pop-up space (so you won’t need to pay for furniture unless we can get your brand the space it deserves).

  1. Screening and approval. Your order will be screened and a response to the order will be made within 2 business days. If the request comes in after business hours or over a weekend it will be processed in the following business day. Orders can be made 5 business days prior to the start-rental date of the pop-up.

  1. Sign contract. Once the order has been accepted by NOVU, the brand has 14 days to sign the space-contract. Meaning that the brands’ furniture request only will be held for 14 days. The payment for the furniture is added to the invoice you will receive for the space rental.

  1. Furniture is delivered. NOVU delivers the furniture to your space, and picks it up again after the pop-up is done.


Q: How can I order furniture through xNomad and NOVU partnership?

A: To order furniture, you need to request a space on the xNomad website. Even if your space request hasn't been approved yet by the landlord, you can still proceed with ordering and securing furniture.

Q: Where can the furniture be delivered to?

A: The furniture can currently only be delivered to xNomads’ spaces in Paris.

Q: Where can I find the available furniture options?

A: You can check the catalog provided by NOVU. The catalog displays a selection of standardized pieces in black or white finish. You can determine the type, number, and color of furniture that your space requires based on the offerings in the catalog.

Q: What is the process for placing an order for furniture?

A: After selecting the desired furniture from the catalog, you need to fill out this order form and send it to [email protected]. When filling out the order, be as specific as possible to ensure effective communication. It's important to note that once the order is made, it becomes binding unless the space you requested is not accepted.

Q: How long does it take to process and respond to an order request?

A: Once you submit your order, NOVU will screen it and provide a response to accept or reject. Orders should be made 5 business days prior to the start-rental date of the pop-up. NOVU aims to process and check for availability within one business day. If the request is submitted late or over a weekend, it will be processed on the following business day.

Q: What happens after my furniture order is accepted?

A: Once NOVU accepts your furniture order, you have 14 days to sign the space contract. This means that your furniture request will only be held for 14 days. The payment for the furniture is added to your invoice. After the agreement is finalized, NOVU will deliver the furniture to your space and arrange for its pickup once the pop-up is done.