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The Showroom


21,110 Visitors/day
Highly daily foot traffic in this area
Move in ready
Available with design, furniture and fixture
From 3 days
Flexible booking span in this space
1,410 SF
Medium size for this area
Typical store design for this area

About this space

Welcome to The xNomad Showroom​​​​​, a remarkable 131 sqm space exclusively available through xNomad. Nestled in the vibrant Le Marais area​​,​​ renowned for its trendy atmosphere​​,​​ this showroom offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand in one of Paris' most sought-after fashion districts.

Location: The xNomad Showroom enjoys a prime position in the heart of Le Marais on the attractive address 8 Rue Saint-Claude​​,​​ 75003 Paris​​,​​ France. With exclusive courtyard access​​,​​ this showroom provides a stylish and private environment for your brand to shine.

Space and Amenities: Spanning an impressive 131 square meters​​,​​ The xNomad Showroom boasts a generous space to showcase your collection. While the space starts empty, furniture is included in the price and you can choose from a range of exquisite furniture and a comprehensive range of essential amenities, such as racks and podiums. This permits the showroom to be customized to accentuate your brand's aesthetic and create an inviting ambience for your clients!

Previous Tenants: Hosting renowned brands such as The Vampire’s Wife and others, The xNomad Showroom is an exceptional opportunity to engage with discerning clientele in the heart of Le Marais. Whether you’re a well-established brand seeking to expand your presence or an emerging designer looking to make your mark, this space has everything to captivate your audience and make a lasting impression.

Don't miss your chance to showcase your brand in this coveted location. Contact xNomad today to secure "The xNomad Showroom" and embark on an unforgettable style​​,​​ influence​​​​ and success journey.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
Foot traffic
21,110 visitors/week
Average visitor age
24 – 44 years old
Gender split
Near equal


About The Space
  • Lighting
  • Well Placed Sockets
Retail Support
  • Stock Room
  • Security System
Staff Space
  • Staff Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Counter
  • Heating
  • Kitchenette
  • Shelves

Make the space yours

With our package add-ons, you can make your chosen space move-in ready. From furniture and branding, to staffing and marketing. We've got you covered.
Branded store design
Our experts will suggest furniture and design ideas that will elevate your customer experience.
Rent furniture
Rent the very furniture showcased on your custom mood board directly from us - no hassle!
Data & analytics
Measure your success with our data, and understand it with our simple analytics.
We'll get you the staff you need, all you need to do is clicking a few buttons.
We will ensure that you are ready to accept all major credit cards for a flawless experience.
Influencer marketing
Make sure people know about your brand with our brilliant, targeted, influencer marketing strategies.
Pop-ups made easy: explore our on-demand furniture

Request the complete packed through xNomad and get an exclusive discount on display racks, shelving and furniture.


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