What if you could launch your brand in several cities in one click? We got you covered. Let’s take your brand on a pop-up tour.

Optimal for scaling into new markets

Unleash potential

Enter new markets with low commitment through short-term contracts, connect with prospective consumers by creating memorable experiences and ride the hype of several activations.

Expand your brand

A pop-up tour lets you to lower activation costs and try your concept across multiple markets. Say goodbye to online limitations and convert new customers through real-life experiences.

Premium solution

We customize and tailor the concept to your needs, ensuring fast and reliable execution. Scale your idea in multiple locations with ease.

Outperform Traditional Retail

Decrease costs and increase brand creativity by flexible, short-term leases. By launching in multiple markets, your brand reaches a wider audience, boosts visibility and increases sales opportunities

Extremely satisfied visitors

Unique experiences and a personalized approach creates a lasting impression

Higher footfall conversion

A physical presence creates a more intimate experience, attracting more visitors to your brand

Boost sales

Supercharge sales and ROI with multi-location launches that break free from traditional retail constraints.

Increase website traffic

Physical presence sparks digital success when done right. Boost website traffic and drive brand exposure as a ripple effect.

Pop-Up Tour step by step

Set the foundation

Collaborate with us to define milestones, and budgets and tailor the experience to your brand.

Define design

Align your vision, values and goals to create a scalable concept that works anywhere. Our expert team is here to help with details, layout and brand consistency

Set up

From shipping furniture to setting up stores, we handle logistics adapting to any location and ensuring your brand stands out.


Blow your customers away! Maximize impact through an excellent execution that ensures an unforgettable experience. Let us guide you how.

Learn and plan

Elevate your brand's future events with our analytics and insights. Learn, plan and achieve greater success.

Success Stories to be inspired by

Take your brand on the road with confidence! Get inspired by global brands who enjoyed exceptional results from previous pop-up tours, outperforming traditional retail experiences. xNomad is with you on the way, ensuring that you reach new audiences and drive sales with effective strategies.

Klarna gained 90% conversion on app downloads

Klarna, the Swedish fintech company, partnered with fashion brands for a Summer Pop-Up Tour across Europe, revolutionizing the typical e-commerce shopping experience. With xNomad's expertise, they overcame the challenge of finding prime retail spaces in four European markets, providing a unique touch-and-feel experience for shoppers. The tour was a massive success, with over 9,000 daily visitors in Paris and extensive media buzz. Through xNomad's end-to-end solution, the brands could focus on providing the best customer experience. Pop-up activations can make a lasting impression for brands looking to expand across country borders or test their offerings in new markets.

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Samsung's pop-up earned them a 20% increase in web traffic

Experience the innovative approach to product launches with Samsung's Galaxy Z Pop-up Tour. xNomad helped Samsung shift the traditional tech narrative by immersing customers in the functionalities of the Fold4 and Flip4 smartphones. The pop-up location at Stockholms Central Station offered a high footfall, with interactive displays and virtual activity stations for visitors to explore. The result was a major success, with eager commuters lining up outside the showroom to experience the revolutionary product launch firsthand.

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Compare our Tour packages


2 locations in one or two cities usually within the same country.

Price estimates

starting from € 50 000

Number of locations

2 locations of up to 80 sqm


2 weeks to 3 months

Interior package

Small package of 8 pcs of furniture

Included Services
  • 1 trained staff.
  • Implementation and logistics.
  • Average footfall data.


3 to 5 locations in multiple cities in one or more countries.

Price estimates

starting from € 100 000

Number of locations

3-5 locations of 150-200 sqm


2 weeks to 3 months


Medium package of 13 pcs of furniture.

Included Services
  • 3 trained staff.
  • Implementation and logistics.
  • Project management.
  • Consulting on marketing strategy.
  • In-store data and analytics.


A global tour with 6+ locations reaching all the best cities in the world.

Price estimates

starting from € 200 000

Number of locations

6+ Locations of +300 sqm


2 weeks to 3 months


Large package of 22 pcs of furniture.

Included Services
  • 3 to 5+ trained staff.
  • Implementation and logistics.
  • Project management.
  • Local adaptations.
  • Consulting, production and execution of marketing.
  • In-store data and analytics.

Add-on services to accelerate your success

We have bundled all of our learning of +300 pop-ups into one great package.

Premium Locations

Access spaces in prime areas at a lower cost and effort than traditional stores with our offering

Project Management

We help you every step of the way with the administration and management of your pop-up project

Concept Development

Develop a concept for brand consistency across stores for increased coherence and customer satisfaction

Furniture and Installation

Need help furnishing? We got everything you need for making the space both fancy and functional

Staffing and Store Operations

Choose the number of employees you need and we'll make sure you have enough staff for the pop-up

Customer data and Shop analytics

We gather the data and statistics of your pop-up event so you can assess and improve the performance.