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The Average Cost of Hosting a Pop-Up Store in Berlin

Uncover the expenses associated with hosting a store in Berlin and find out how xNomad can assist with temporary store rentals and agency services.


Setting up a store in Berlin provides brands with an opportunity to connect with a vibrant and diverse audience. Whether you're introducing a product, testing out a market or creating a shopping experience, having an understanding of the financial aspects is essential.

Factors Impacting Costs

  • Location: Popular areas such as Mitte, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg come with prices due to increased foot traffic and visibility.
  • Layout: Costs differ depending on the size and layout of the space, where smaller spaces are more budget friendly while larger venues offer branding possibilities.
  • Duration: Short term leases may have rates whereas longer commitments often result in better overall pricing.
  • Facilities and Services: Additional amenities like Wi Fi, lighting, security measures, setup assistance and promotional backing can affect the total cost.

Average Expense Breakdown by District

Using property listings as reference points here are weekly rental expenses across various districts in Berlin:


Positioned centrally with vibrant activity levels, ideal for maximum exposure.

  • Small spaces (up to 50 sqm): €2,000 - €4,000 
  • Medium spaces (50 to150 sqm): €4,000 - €12,000 
  • Larger spaces (150+ sqm): €12,000 and above


Known for its artistic vibe that appeals to brands.

  • Small spaces: €1,500 - €3,000
  • Medium spaces: €3,000 - €10,000
  • Large spaces: €10,000 and above

Prenzlauer Berg: 

A family chic neighborhood ideal for lifestyle brands. 

  • Small spaces: €1,800 - €3,500
  • Medium spaces: €3,500 - €11,000 
  • Large spaces: €11,000 and above


Popular for its atmosphere and youthful population offering affordability and visibility in equal measure.

  • Small spaces: €1,500 - €3,000
  • Medium spaces: €3,000 - €10,000
  • Large spaces: €10,000 and above


A neighborhood perfect for luxury brands targeting clientele. 

  • Small spaces: €2,500 - €5,000
  • Medium space: €5,000 - €15,000
  • Large spaces: €15,000 and above


Emerging as a haven for hipsters, with options that are both enticing and affordable.

  • Small spaces: €1,200 - €2,500
  • Medium spaces: €2,500 - €8,000
  • Large spaces: €8,000 and above


A growing area with a mix of people from different backgrounds providing affordable space options.

  • Small spaces: €1,000 - €2,000
  • Medium spaces: €2,000 - €6,000
  • Large spaces: €6,000 and above

How xNomad Can Assist

xNomad the destination for pop up shops, showrooms and event space rentals presents a complete solution:

Extensive Network: Explore an array of spaces throughout Berlin.

Flexible Terms: Enjoy agreements customized to suit your requirements.

Agency Services: From idea generation to promotion and execution xNomad guides you through every phase of your pop up store experience.


By understanding the expenses involved and capitalizing on xNomads expertise you can effectively. Carry out a pop up shop project in Berlin. Check out xNomads listings in Berlin today to discover the location for your brand. Armed with this knowledge you can plan your budget for a pop-up shop in Berlin confidently while benefiting from xNomads adaptable rental process.