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Louis Vuitton: Over 50 Pop-Up Stores Unveil Pharrell's Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Discover LV's global pop-up journey, showcasing Pharrell’s SS 2024 Collection in over 50 immersive experiences worldwide.


In an ambitious global endeavor, Louis Vuitton has launched over 50 pop-up stores worldwide to celebrate the Spring/Summer 2024 Men's Collection under the creative direction of Pharrell Williams. This marks a significant moment for the luxury fashion house, further cementing its status as a pioneer in blending fashion with immersive retail experiences.

The pop-ups, described as "more than just retail spaces," have been designed to be immersive experiences that showcase Pharrell Williams' debut collection for Louis Vuitton. The installations, which began on January 4th, are set to transform locations across the globe into vibrant showcases of fashion and art, reflecting on Pharrell's initial show for Louis Vuitton on the iconic Pont Neuf in June 2023.

These temporary stores are strategically placed in various formats, including pop-ins within select permanent Louis Vuitton stores, pop-ups within department stores, standalone locations, and expansive residencies. The United States features ephemeral pop-up locations in New York and Los Angeles, alongside over fifty existing boutiques that have been specially outfitted to extend the visual narrative of the runway show. Internationally, the campaign includes a special exhibition at Selfridges in London and a noteworthy residency at the Champs-Élysées flagship in Paris, among others.

The pop-ups are not only a visual feast but also offer a multi-sensorial universe inspired by Williams' collection. Visitors can expect to see a variety of installations, including special features like a music space and a "dandy club" in Paris, aimed at celebrating the collection's dandy dressing ethos. Furthermore, in Seoul's Dosan area, the facade of a permanent Louis Vuitton space devoted to pop-ups will be entirely adorned in golden Damier chequers, featuring a special culinary experience and an exclusive postcard personalization service.

Each of these pop-up stores offers unique interpretations of the golden Damier chequers, a classic Louis Vuitton motif reimagined under Pharrell’s innovative vision. Decor inspired by Paris's historic bridges and streets creates a symbolic bridge from Paris to Pharrell’s home state of Virginia, symbolizing a connection of cultures and ideas. The decor features miniatures of Parisian landmarks and holograms of show looks, making each visit a journey of discovery.

The collection's highlight, the reinterpreted Speedy bag, plays a central role in these spaces, with special rooms and features dedicated to it. This includes a 24-hour Speedy "World Tour" that showcases the bag's journey from East to West, starting with real-life inflatable Speedy bags in Chengdu and Shanghai and continuing in CGI form via the brand's social channels.

In addition to the unique shopping experience, visitors to select pop-up locations will receive limited-edition carrier bags adorned with the collection's pixelated Damoflage motif and the emblematic LVERS logo, further enhancing the customer experience with bespoke elements that reflect the collection's aesthetic.

This extensive global launch of pop-up stores by Louis Vuitton not only highlights the brand's innovative approach to retail but also serves as a testament to Pharrell Williams' creative vision for the Spring/Summer 2024 Men's Collection. Through these pop-ups, Louis Vuitton offers a new way to experience fashion, blending art, culture, and luxury shopping into unforgettable experiences across the globe.