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Courtyard Showroom


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About this space

The external courtyard is the entrance to the Eliche Room on the ground floor. The facade of the building stands out for its exposed red bricks and gray stone inserts , typical materials of the industries of the early twentieth century . Two pilasters enhance the design , announcing the internal colonnade and enclosing the central door, as well as the ogee window. Architectural elements with a unique character, which give elegance and momentum to the facade, highlighting the majestic pitched roof . To complete the impression, the large iron windows have been preserved . The external staircase, almost like a suspended walkway, allows access to the first floor directly from the courtyard. The background is a corten steel wall, in perfect harmony with the red of the bricks. The area is paved with porphyry blocks, all original from the time.


Parking lots

In the private road, on the courtyard side, there are approximately n. 8 parking spaces, arranged on both sides

Loading and unloading area

The first is located in front of the Eliche room, in the courtyard, with a capacity of approximately n. 3 vans

The second is located in front of the goods lift with a capacity of approximately n. 2 vans


The facade and courtyard are illuminated with special lights

Electrical system

N. 2 industrial sockets (2P+E), 16A, 3kW each.


N. 1 water point


150 m2, entrance gate 4.95 m wide



Surface area: 119 m2



Fluorescent lighting fixtures with direct emission

Electrical system

N. 2 32A sockets (3P+N+T), 15Kw each.

N. 1 63A socket (3P+N+T), 36Kw


Goods lift/lift from ground floor atrium: capacity 1000 kg ( dimensions: width 0.99 m – height 1.98 m)

Atrium door (passage): width 3.35 m – height 3.85 m

Staircase from ground floor atrium to first floor hallway: width 1.20 m

No. 1 entrance: width 0.95 m – height 2.38 m

No. 1 entrance: width 1.23 m – height 2.38 m

Toilet facilities

N. 1 toilet block (men/women)


N. 1 water point with sink

Common areas

Equipped dressing room

Opening hours

Monday - Friday


About The Space
  • Space Customization Allowed
  • Entire
  • Wc
  • Cargo Entrance

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