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Prenzlauer Berg Gallery & Showroom

Berlin, Bezirk Pankow


  • dimensions
    60 Sqm
    Medium sized space for this area.
  • delivery
    Available with design, furniture and fixture.
  • shop
    Fashionable and unique space in this area.
  • calendar
    From 7 to 90 days
    Flexible lease period.

About the space

This contemporary gallery​,​ with its’ earth toned color palette and industrial atmosphere allows for the perfect setting to display your products. With its floor-to-ceiling windows facing the street​,​ the natural light fills the space during the daytime. The high ceilings​,​ bright walls and open floor plan amakes . . .

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 00:00-24:00
Weekend: 00:00-24:00
Foot traffic
470 visitors/week
Average visitor age
25 - 44 years old
Gender split
Near Equal





About the Area

As part of the Pankow borough, Prenzlauer Berg forms one of the most southerly and urban districts of the region. With over 300 buildings protected as historic monuments, for instance the breweries of Milastraße and the municipal swimming pool at Olderberger Straße, the region holds architectural and historic importance. On top of the architectural backbone that Prenzlauer Berg rests upon, the area also features a number of renowned restaurants and bars; offering cuisines from all over the world. The nightlife is centered around the metro station in Eberswalder Straße and is a central part of Berlin’s youth culture, drawing large crowds during night-hours.

Make the space yours

With our package add-ons, you can make your chosen space move-in ready. From furniture and branding, to staffing and marketing, we've got you covered.
Branded store design
Our experts will suggest furniture and design ideas that will elevate your customer experience.
We'll get you the staff you need; all you need to do is clicking a few buttons.
Rent Furniture
Rent the very furniture showcased on your custom mood board directly from us - no hassle!
We will ensure that you are ready to accept all major credit cards for a flawless experience.
Data & Analytics
Measure your success with our data, and understand it with our simple analytics.
Influencer marketing
Make sure people know about your brand with our brilliant, targeted, influencer marketing strategies.

Our design & furniture packages

  • package small
    The perfect amount of furniture to optimise a small space.
  • package medium
    For a slightly larger space, increase your furniture package to adequate.
  • package large
    Our biggest furniture offering is ideal to fully kit-out a large space.
Can't find the perfect space?
Emelie Johansson
Stockholm Retail Expert
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