Establish Your Presence in Germany

With xNomad's all-in-one retail solution, you can seamlessly set up and manage enticing, high-performing stores that cater to your brand's specific needs, allowing you to acquire valuable customers with minimized risk.

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Germany offers a robust and thriving market for retail expansion, boasting a diverse and discerning consumer base. From the bustling streets of Berlin to the sophisticated shopping districts of Munich, the country provides a dynamic platform for brands to showcase their products to a wide array of potential customers.

Germany's rich cultural heritage and strong economy create an environment conducive to innovative products and unique retail concepts. Additionally, trade shows, industry events, and consumer expos across various cities facilitate brand exposure and solidify a strong foothold in the competitive German retail market.

Overall, Germany's sizeable consumer market and its penchant for quality products make it an ideal destination for retailers seeking growth and success.


xNomad goes beyond store management, offering the essential capabilities and structural support necessary to expand your brand's presence in the physical retail landscape.

Premium locations

xNomad ensures strategic placement in premium locations, allowing brands to tap into high-traffic areas and capture the attention of their target demographic, thereby maximizing visibility and sales potential.

Store design & buildout

Leveraging a team of experienced professionals, xNomad provides tailored store design and buildout services, creating visually stunning and functional retail spaces that resonate with the brand's identity and drive a captivating in-store experience for customers.

Daily store operations and staffing 

With a focus on seamless operations, xNomad's dedicated team manages daily store operations and staffing, ensuring smooth and efficient management while allowing brands to concentrate on their core business activities and customer engagement strategies.

Omnichannel technology 

By harnessing cutting-edge omnichannel technology, xNomad enables brands to create a unified and consistent customer experience across various digital and physical touchpoints, facilitating seamless interactions and enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Data-driven analytics and insights

Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, xNomad provides valuable, data-driven insights that empower brands to make informed business decisions, optimize their strategies, and tailor their offerings to meet the evolving demands and preferences of their customer base.



A vibrant and cultural hub, Berlin offers a dynamic retail landscape with diverse shopping experiences. From the eclectic boutiques of Mitte to the fashion-forward stores of Ku'Damm, the city provides a blend of contemporary and traditional shopping opportunities, reflecting its unique and progressive spirit.



Known for its rich history and sophisticated charm, Munich offers a refined retail experience. From the luxury boutiques of Maximilianstrasse to the traditional markets of Viktualienmarkt, the city exudes a sense of elegance and exclusivity, attracting discerning customers with a taste for quality and craftsmanship.



A bustling financial center with a growing retail scene, Frankfurt provides a blend of modern and traditional shopping options. From the upscale boutiques of Goethestrasse to the diverse shops in the Zeil shopping district, the city caters to a diverse clientele, reflecting its status as a global business hub.


Why Choose xNomad for Your Germany Retail Expansion?

xNomad offers an all-in-one retail solution that deploys and operates beautiful, high-performing stores for your brand, enabling you to acquire valuable customers with less risk. (*compared to ecommerce-only customers)

3x Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

By leveraging xNomad's innovative retail solution, brands can witness a significant threefold increase in their Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), ensuring long-term profitability and sustainable business growth.

25% higher AOV*

With the seamless integration of xNomad's comprehensive retail platform, brands can experience a substantial 25% boost in their Average Order Value (AOV), leading to enhanced revenue generation and improved overall performance.

50% lower return rates*

Through the implementation of xNomad's advanced retail infrastructure, brands can achieve a remarkable 50% reduction in return rates, thereby minimizing operational costs and fostering greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2x higher repeat rates*

xNomad's holistic retail solution fosters an impressive twofold increase in customer retention rates, enabling brands to establish enduring relationships with their clientele, drive repeat purchases, and secure a loyal customer base.


Adriana Carrig, Founder and CEO, Little Words Project

"Within the first two months of opening, we acquired over 3,500 new customers in- store"

Chris Molnar, Founder and CEO, Goodlife

"We immediately felt a sense of relief. You’re able to open the store with significantly less capital and we saw how much expertise really goes into the process."

Jamie Schisler, SVP & Chief Comfort Officer, UpWest

"The solution has empowered our brand to scale at a faster pace, reaching new customers without the inherent risk of signing leases, while executing a beautiful store that has already proven to perform in the first few months since opening."

"Your store, delivered."


Space: 9,365 SFFrom: USD 103,171/week
Space: 2,713 SFFrom: USD 32,364/week
Space: 1,884 SFFrom: USD 12,905/week
Space: 700 SFFrom: USD 11,255/week
Space: 3,229 SFFrom: USD 7,502/week
Space: 2,476 SFFrom: USD 22,510/week
Space: 6,092 SFFrom: USD 7,050/week
Space: 538 SFFrom: USD 3,751/week