Is your brand looking to test your idea physically? Avoid high initial costs and share a space with like-minded brands in our co-lab concept.

Perfect for first time retail

Cost-effective way to access prime locations

By sharing space with like-minded brands, Co-Lab enables access to prime locations without incurring the same levels of cost.

Expand your customer base through other brands

Creating a Co-Lab with other brands is a great opportunity to expand your own customer base and reach both current and new markets.

Gain insights from other brands

Co-Lab fosters a new culture around shopping by creating a sense of community. Share space with like-minded brands and gain valuable insights from each other.

Creating a Co-Lab Space

Apply and get matched with brands

Filling out the application form about your brand, goals and target market. We then carefully curate a group of complimentary brands that fit especially well together for each Co-lab store.

Finalizing Concept and Design of the Store

Together we agree upon a store concept and design that will give the best customer experience while allowing each brand to shine.

Creating Hype Before the Store Opening

We will provide a playbook on how effectively market the co-lab store before launch. Effectively marketing the Co-Lab store before opening is crucial for success

Co-Lab Store Opening

Opening a Co-Lab is an event to remember and an opportunity for customers to discover new brands, products and services.

Measure your success and learn for the future

Analytics data, such as sales, footfall, dwell time, and customer satisfaction are collected so that you can see how well it went.

Upcoming co-lab concepts


Share a space in Stockholm

April to June 2023.

Open to all brands.

Look inside our co-lab space

A dynamic design that transforms with the seasons. Adapting to the latest trends and moods, giving customers a unique shopping experience.


Spring is the perfect opportunity to welcome light and energy by creating a vibrant space with inspiring and like-minded brands


Warm and soft colors dominate summer co-labs, inviting customers to a comfortable, yet vivid shopping experience


“New season - new co-labs.” Embrace autumn with warm and hearty hues, but don't let the dark dim the spotlight on your brand!

Shared activation space

The activation space is the heart of the co-lab and offers a unique shopping experience, customized to fit each concept. Customers immerse in multi-brand shopping with interactive and entertaining features in order to leave a lasting impression. Photo booth, popcorn machine or ping pong - sky is the limit!

Dedicated brand space

Each brand has its own curated area to showcase products and tell its unique story, creating a diverse and dynamic shopping environment. By designing our co-lab spaces with collaboration in mind, this elevates the shopping experience and offers customers new ways to discover and explore their favorite brands.

Everything you need is included

We have bundled all of our learning of +300 pop-ups into one great package.

Premium locations

With our offering, you can access spaces in prime areas at lower cost and effort than traditional stores

Project management

We help you every step of the way with the administration and management of your pop-up project

Concept Development and interior design

By promoting multi-brand collaboration, the space is developed into a one-stop customer experience, increasing visibility and exposure

Furniture and installation

Need help furnishing? We got everything you need for making the space both fancy and functional

Staffing and Store Operations

Choose the number of employees you need and we'll make sure you have enough staff for the pop-up

Customer data and shop analytics

We gather the data and statistics of your pop-up event so you can assess and improve the performance.

Need help finding the perfect space?