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Xnomad Launches Pop-Up Space Services in China and USA

Xnomad expands into China and the United States, providing creative pop-up space solutions to help brands create unforgettable retail experiences.


Xnomad, known for connecting brands with spaces, is thrilled to announce its strategic move into two of the world's largest consumer markets. This initiative aims to revolutionize the industry by offering innovative ways for brands to engage with their customers.

From its inception Xnomad has been dedicated to transforming retail by simplifying the process of setting up pop up stores for brands. By providing a range of premium locations and streamlining operations Xnomad has helped numerous brands create shopping experiences. The expansion into China and the USA marks an achievement for Xnomad highlighting its dedication to expansion and cutting edge solutions.

Adapting for the Market in China

In order to better serve businesses Xnomad has introduced a localized version of its website – xnomad.cn. This tailored platform is designed to assist chinese brands in expanding their presence across westernmarkets effortlessly. With access to quality retail spaces overseas xnomad.cn enables Chinese enterprises to explore new markets, connect with international audiences and strengthen their global presence.

The Chinese platform version provides a user interface along with support and resources tailored to the specific needs of Chinese brands. Whether its boutiques in Paris or bustling shopping hubs in New York, xnomad.cn simplifies the process for Chinese businesses to discover and reserve pop up spaces to showcase their products and engage with new clientele.

Revolutionary Retail as a Service Offering in the United States

In the U.S. Xnomad is introducing a Retail as a Service (RaaS) package in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. This comprehensive package is crafted to assist brands in launching and managing pop up stores covering everything from scouting locations and negotiating leases to setting up stores and providing marketing assistance.

The RaaS package streamlines the pop up store launch process enabling brands to concentrate on delivering retail experiences. With Xnomad’s skilled team handling store operations brands can confidently explore markets, experiment with concepts and interact with customers in dynamic retail settings.

A Smooth Experience for Brands and Property Owners

Xnomad’s platform is built to simplify the setup of pop up stores, for brands. 

The platform provides a selection of locations ranging from retail spaces to unique venues that help brands make a statement. Moreover Xnomad offers support, from the search to the final setup ensuring a smooth and stress free experience for both brands and property owners.

For property owners Xnomad presents a chance to maximize their propertys potential. By showcasing their spaces on the platform landlords can attract a range of tenants, ensuring consistent occupancy. This does not only boost income, also brings in a variety of brands and experiences enhancing the overall appeal and liveliness of their properties.

Looking Ahead

Xnomad's growth into China and the United States positions the company to provide its novel pop-up space solutions to a broader audience, assisting marketers in connecting with customers in meaningful and memorable ways.

In the following months, Xnomad intends to continue extending its footprint in these areas by forming new collaborations and exploring new growth prospects. As usual, the firm will stay committed to delivering great service and support to its clients, ensuring that each pop-up store is a success.

To learn more about Xnomad’s expansion in China and the USA please check out our websites at xnomad.co.