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Why You Should Share a Pop-Up Space

We’re living in an age where collaboration is key. Business shouldn't be any different - here are 5 reasons for partnering up for a Pop-Up.


We’re living in an age where sharing and collaboration are key to many aspects of our lives. From splitting a taxi fare on UberPool to distributing your uneaten food on Olio, apps are allowing us to improve our experiences and extend our resources by sharing them with other people. Business shouldn’t be any different, so we’ve pulled together our top five reasons for partnering with different brands when it comes to popping up.

  1. Budget-friendly

Sharing a retail space is a good way to pop up while also protecting your profits. You have the option to combine forces and rent a more lavish store than you could on your own, or share a standard space and set up shop on a shoestring.

  1. Wider reach

By drawing on the followers of two or more brands, your footfall’s likely to increase. Once consumers are inside the store for one of your partners, they’ll likely browse your products and take note of your brand too.

  1. Learning opportunity

What better way to learn from the brands you admire than to work with them directly on a pop-up? Seeing the strategies and methods of others is a surefire way to spark ideas for your own company.

  1. Solidarity

Sharing successes, and working together to overcome challenges, is a great feeling. When running your own business, things can get pretty lonely sometimes, so it’s a nice way to have others going through it all with you.

  1. Collaboration

Who knows, maybe your joint pop-up venture will spark longer-term relationships for your brands, paving the way for friendships and further collaboration in the future.