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Unique Scandi Fashion Aesthetics in Pop Up Store Designs

With CPHFW and SFW starting this month, let’s take a look at how Scandinavian fashion houses embed their brand identities into their Pop-Ups.


Two of the most important fashion weeks in the Scandinavia, Copenhagen Fashion Week and Stockholm Fashion Week are starting on 2nd and 7th February respectively. To mark these exciting fashion weeks, let’s take a look at how Scandinavian brands incorporate their unique aesthetics into their pop up store design to give their audience an immersive experience that can be long-lasting.


As fashion houses prepare for Copenhagen Fashion Week and Stockholm Fashion Week, it’s important to note that many of them are also preparing Pop Up stores and temporary showrooms to exhibit their new collections. For CPHFW, Aiayu x Mercedes-Benz and Scandinavian Edit are holding 4-days Pop Ups to let fashion-chasers get closer to the latest 2022 trends.


CPHFW and SFW have brought a large number of innovative and exciting Pop Ups: we take a look at four examples and how they were designed. In general, these unique spaces took elements from traditional retail space planning and flipped them on their head with unique Scandinavian aesthetics to create something more surprising—and more memorable.


Stine Goya examined the notion of life in CPHFW 2022 via the lens of modern technology and the consequence of a conceptual digital environment. The autumn/winter 2022 collection, titled 'Inside-Out,' takes Goya's trademark liveliness and vibrant cosmos in a more edgy and sensuous direction. The collection emphasized elevated yet larger shapes in technical materials, fusing psychedelic designs with the texture and crisp lines associated from the 1990s.

Started with only three local stores in Denmark, the well-known Danish fashion house Stine Goya has grown exponentially to presently 450 retail locations across 30 countries globally. We can definitely see the same playfulness in their Pop Up store designs. When they initially entered the United Kingdom marketin 2019, they opened their first Pop Up store at Selfridges. Just as fun as their one-of-a-kind scandi-inspired creations, their initial Pop Up store is filled with bright and cheery pink hues.



Danish fashion label GANNI embodies the carefree attitude of Scandinavian style in its collections. The label's collections, which are led by Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup, are vibrant, playful, and effortlessly stylish. Everything from rainbow knitwear to flowery dresses and leopard-print swimsuits can be found in our selection, which is updated often.


In 2021, Ganni launches its first Pop Up store in Copenhagen based on the Kiosk concept. Ganni sells a wide variety of items as long as they are Ganni-related in their vibrantly colored boutiques, which are as carefree as their brand values. 'THANK YOU, PLEASE COME AGAIN.' The Ganni style emblem is displayed throughout the set-up.



Saks Potts, a womenswear brand based in Copenhagen, has long been recognized for its forward-thinking approach to design. They produce runway-worthy collections that are personal expressions of the brand's founders, Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts, since its debut in 2014. 

Their AW22 runway collection in CPHFW isexhibited in the grand Royal Danish Opera House. The founders were motivated by the elegant minimalism and modernity of the 1990s to design outfits that would fit into a modern woman's lifestyle.They were also inspired by Denmark's natural surroundings, which they used to incorporate the fashionable 90's modernism and minimalism into their designs, resulting in garments that are appropriate for a modern woman's lifestyle.


The elegant lines and natural materials of traditional Danish furniture were the inspiration for their 2021 Pop Up venue at Gothersgade 30 in Copenhagen, with a hint of "Milanese villa atmosphere." Reflecting Saks Potts' previous collection, which established the idea of a perfect closet, the store is filled with things that would be worn and enjoyed for years.


Holzweiler x Snøhetta POP UP

Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler, renowned for its clean, Scandinavian style and cross-field collaboration with Snøhetta architects, the Munch Museum, HBX Hong Kong, and poet Alexander Fallo, is proactively experimenting with the consumer experience with its elegance-fueled aesthetics.


For Paris Fashion Week in 2018, they collaborated with Snøhetta and curated a minimal yet opulent Pop Up showroom. In the end, the shop design collaboration has resulted in an exquisite furniture installation that gently displays special Holzweiler fabrics.


Three wavy pieces, a conference table, and two mirrors made up the Pop Up. There are visible interruptions in the table and shelves thanks to the use of metal inserts. Parisian craftsmen construct the pieces locally and use wood veneer and metal accents to convey a sense of quality and permanence. When dismantled, each piece can be reused in a new position.



There’s no better time to start designing your Pop Up store than now. From what we can see, Scandinavian fashion houses are great examples of how you can use a Pop Up store as a stage for your brand and showcase your products, while also engaging with new customers. Imagine setting up an entire Pop Up store just outside of Copenhagen Fashion Week and Stockholm Fashion Week? The opportunity is limitless! Contact us now to get started.