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Tips For A Great Store Layout

If someone with no brand experience pops into your store, their first thought will affect their impression. How do you influence the first encounter?


If someone with no prior knowledge of your brand pops into your temporary store, their first thoughts will also be their enduring first impression of your company. So, how do you make sure your shop is making would-be customers think the right things?

An interior design professional could, of course, take this issue off of your hands, but we understand that may not be within your budget. You might also have a desire to play an active part in the designing of your store. So, what do you need to bear in mind as you DIY your space?

Make a path if you want your customers to see every item you’re selling. You can guide them round in an Ikea-style maze, allowing equal exposure to your entire range. Don’t be afraid to go for a more relaxed layout if you’d rather customers simply enjoy their time in your pop-up, rather than maxing out your potential sales.

Mind the gap, commonly called the decompression zone, of five to fifteen feet around the store’s entrance. This space should allow your customer to adjust to the store and remain free from important things, like big-ticket items and promotion stands.

Use the power wall. 90% of people will turn right when they first enter your store, making the right hand wall a key space. Use it to make a statement, engage interest and display your prize products.

Keep it simple. Navigating your store shouldn’t be stressful or a challenge. Keep things straightforward, and let choosing which products to buy be a customers’ biggest concern.

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