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The Insider's Guide to Paris Fashion Week FW22

Paris Fashion Week is fast approaching, let us run you through our guide of some of the best pop-up locations for the event!


Paris Fashion Week is the pinnacle of couture, design, and fashion retail. At its core, the purpose of this semiannual event is to gather professional buyers, journalists, and photographers under the same roof - the Paris Fashion Week Center; to analyze and promote the upcoming fashion collections from hundreds of brands. 

© Lauren Chouette, Unsplash

Throughout this week-long event, Paris becomes the heart of fashion innovation and the meeting point for an entire industry; making it the perfect destination for amping up your brand exposure by setting up a memorable pop-up experience. 

 © Melanie Pongratz, Unsplash

Let us give you some insider on how to go about this process - and which one of Paris’ 20 districts that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your activation. 

Le Marais - the central point of Fashion Week

The Marais district is known for its traditional markets and shopping avenues. During Fashion Week this prestigious district in the 4th arrondissement becomes the connecting hub for visitors, models, and fashion shows.

© Zantastik, Wikimedia Commons

With its vibrant street life and proximity to all the shows on the schedule - Le Marais is clustered with influencers, celebrities, and fashion industry VIPs throughout the week. In turn, making it the ideal pop-up location with its high foot traffic, and shopping eager crowd. 

© xNomad Rue Charlot Showroom, Le Marais

The Grand Palais, Golden Triangle - The heart of couture action

During PFW the higher-end catwalk shows usually take place in the Grand Palais - a venue situated on a quiet public street and with breathtakingly impressive architecture. Chanel is renowned for its extravagant show concepts taking place at this spot. With concepts ranging from a full-on replica of the Eiffel Tower on display over the catwalk to that one time when they collaborated with the Icehotel to set up an iceberg runway show. 

 © The Grand Palais - Thesupermat, Wikimedia Commons

If you set up shop In the Golden Triangle area, you will not only guarantee that your brand is in the center of couture action but also be in close proximity to Pairs’ top tourist attractions - like the Eiffel Tower, Théâtre des Champs Elysées and avenue des Champs-Élysées. We recommend checking out this stunning store space in La Villette if you’re intrigued by this area. 

© xNomad La Villette, The Golden Triangle

Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré - Fashion Week’s hottest shopping strip

Fauborg-Saint-Honore is renowned as the home to the luxury brands that are featured during Fashion Week. Here you’ll find the models, influencers, celebrities, and designers in between shows -  getting down to their mandatory shopping spree during fashion week.

The Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré shopping strip is the perfect place for displaying your brand - not only with its central location but mainly due to its reputation as one of Paris's best shopping destinations. Check out this 450 sqm, breathtaking white-box store space a stone’s throw away from Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 

© xNomad Saint Germain Historically Classed Store Space


Paris Fashion Week is one of the most raved about retail events of the year. With this reputation and the number of people who travel from all corners of the world to be here,  it makes for the perfect opportunity for your brand to amp up your brand awareness, launch into the French market, or simply boost your revenue streams during one of the busiest weeks of the year. 

Set up your pop-up activation in time for Fashion Week with our end-to-end solution. Check out xNomad’s platform to browse over 50 vacant store spaces scattered across Paris!