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Social Media Marketing For Your Pop Up

In a world where influencers can “break the web” and hashtags dictate news - overlooking social media is a bad call. So how do you go about it?


Social media marketing for your pop up

In a world where influencers can “break the internet” with a picture and hashtags can dictate national news, overlooking social media marketing is looking to fail. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help even technophobes master social media marketing for pop-up shops.

  1. Be consistent.

Create a single identity across all the platforms you’re using. Have the same profile picture, and the same general aesthetic. Upload regularly throughout the year, not just when you have a pop-up event approaching (unless you’d rather opt for the flash-mob technique).

  1. Hashtag or it didn’t happen.

Linking to consistency, come up with a catchy event hashtag and use it across all your social media. Make it unique and instantly recognisable as belonging to your brand.

  1. Interact.

Use these wonderful platforms as a way to build relationships with your customer base. Answer questions, host giveaways and share behind-the-scenes content to get people excited about your brand and vision.