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Shifting The Traditional Tech-Launch Narrative

Get insight into how we helped Samsung shift the typical tech launch narrative, from listing product features to allowing customers to experience their full potential.


Samsung is one of the world’s leading electronics brands - and is known for its innovative approach to product development. During the fall of 2022, the tech giant launched its brand new Galaxy Z product line with the Flip4 and Fold4. Two revolutionising and foldable smartphones - entirely waterproof, with a pro-grade camera and an impeccably advanced software system. 

In honor of this hot-of-the-shelves product line, Samsung wanted to set up an immersive event to celebrate the new product launch. The question was how the brand should go about setting up a launch event that differed from the “traditional” product rollout campaign?

Samsung Pop-Up Stockholm Centralstation © xNomad

Together with xNomad, Samsung decided to take its Galaxy Z product line on a European pop-up tour. Instead of just releasing a masterly crafted ad for the new Flip and Fold models, Samsung wanted to meet their customers in the center of retail action. Not only to display the epic new models - but to also give customers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the functionalities that the new products offer. 

xNomad curated the perfect space for the Galaxy Z pop-up at Stockholms Centralstation. A location that guarantees a high footfall, no matter the time of the day. The pop-up was decked out with a treadmill, interactive displays, and a number of virtual activity stations where visitors could get a taste of all of the benefits that becoming a part of the Galaxy Z universe implies. 

Samsung Galaxy Pop-Up at Stockholm Centralstation © xNomad

The Samsung Galaxy Pop-Up was a major success, and eager commuters lined up outside of the showroom to get to experience a product launch out of the ordinary. 

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