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Sell in any minute - The Case Factory with Move-in-Ready Store

From the 9th - 23rd August, the xNomad x Workshop Pop-Up competition winner - The Case Factory, launched their Pop-Up at Grev Turegatan 1, Stockholm.


From 9th to 23rd August, the xNomad x Workshop Pop Up competition winner, The Case Factory, has successfully launched their Pop Up store in Grev Turegatan 1, Stockholm.

Due to the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Case Factory closed its store in Nyborgatan, Stockholm and switched to a more hybrid retail strategy.

‍ The e-commerce manager, Karin Lood, concluded that the Pop Up store is the perfect extension of online stores since it is not taking up so much rent and stuff to manage.

"Pop Up store... is the future." -- Karin Lood, e-commerce manger of The Case Factory 

With this Move-in-ready store, The Case Factory didn't need to worry about store furniture and interior design questions.

The Case Factory Pop Up store | Taken by Elena

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The Case Factory Pop Up Store | Taken by Elena

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The Case Factory Pop Up Store | Taken by Elena

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