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Pop Up Retail - New Marketing Tool for Fashion Brands

A wave of e-commerce brands is hitting the high street - cementing their physical presence. How will it impact the customer experience?


The fashion industry is a powerhouse in our generation with a market size of $672.21 billion by 2023, there is no doubt that fashion e-commerce is saturated and abundant with brands of different sizes, ideas and styles. More than ever, every fashion brand is putting digital at the forefront of their marketing strategy but the five minutes of a viral video, 50 impressions on a post and 500 followers is not enough to leave a lasting relationship with consumers. Marketing by digital alone values the numbers, but the retail space of a branded Pop Up shop values the customer experience and that is what truly grabs their attention.

“ The greatest entrepreneurs don't sell products, they sell the experience” - Carmine Gallo

When uncertainty continues to prevail in the fashion industry, those that get a grip on what's shaping the retail trends will be the most successful. In the first half year of 2021, the famous French Fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched multiple temporary shops to test out Pop Up retail in New YorkTokyoLombardy, and Paris. Each Pop Up store has totally different themes with limited collections, which creates a huge hype every time it has launched.

Isabella Magnani for Louis Vuitton @Vogue

Pop up retail builds a unique storefront for unique boutique showrooms and a unique experience. The exclusive and immersive element of a physical commercial space for any fashion brand exhibits a brand's image and makes them different from the others, which is what marketing is all about. The best thing about opening a Pop Up space is that it creates hype, making the location a destination space for bigger and better exposure, and rent is value-led. A short-term lease means brands can spend more time focusing on representing themselves. 

Blue Billie Pop Up Store, Stockholm @xNomad

Blue Billie, the Swedish premium jewellery brand, has caught the trend of Pop up retail, opened their store with xNomad in Nytorgsgatan 23B, Stockholm. The whole interior design is highly immersive in order to create a memorable shopping experience for customers.

Blue Billie Pop Up Store, Stockholm @xNomad

According to the latest report from McKinsey, sustainability has taken more space in the consumers' minds. The second-hand fashion industry has also shown more and more growth potential with a projected $77B market valueReRobe, the emerging Swedish marketplace for pre-loved fashion items, has also taken the proper grip of Pop Up retail, opened their temporary store in the targeted neighbourhood

ReRobe Pop Up Store, Stockholm @xNomad

Pop Up retail is strongly emerging into the fashion industry and is at the booming stage of its existence. Taking advantage of this powerful tool will make your brand stand out and gives you that extra leverage, especially when conversion rates and repeat purchases have shown to be much more robust with a Pop Up store in the most popular locations like Stockholm. 

With that said, what are you waiting for? Make your brand known now.