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Not-for-profit pop ups

Brands often launch pop-ups to boost sales, but financial gain isn't everything. Let's see how Street Store went about setting up a charitable pop-up!


Not-for-profit pop ups

While many brands launch pop-ups in order to boost sales, or at least expand their customer base, you don’t have to be thinking about financial gain. We’ve got a quick profile on a particularly innovative venture calls The Street Store, to demonstrate just how simple charitable pop-ups can be.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, the idea was simple. Provide a safe, easy way for people to donate unwanted clothes to the homeless. Utilising outdoor spaces and cardboard hangers, members of the public make donations, and those in need are able to select items they’d like.

By gaining traction on social media, the organisation was able to go global, by offering anyone the chance to set up their own store. To date, over 580 stores have popped up, clothing countless people in need.