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How to Measure and Maximise Success with Data and Insights

How do you measure your short-term activation's performance? What is important to consider when choosing your next step? Let's run you through it.


It’s important to know how successful a retail venture really is when considering how to progress post pop-up. There are resources available which can help you measure various aspects, but the key points are as follows:

  1. Footfall

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to measure success is by tracking your footfall, through wifi usage, raffle entries or physically keeping track, and seeing how well it converts into sales.

  1. Capturing Customer Data

Obviously in the GDPR age it’s important to be careful with capturing data. Make sure you ask clearly for permission, and explain what you would like to use their data for. A good way to integrate this into the experience is by asking for it when customers log onto the wifi. Incentivise sharing, for example with a prize draw for everyone who agrees to grant access to their data, and then be sure to handle it sensitively.

  1. Get in touch

Immediately! As soon as you’ve been granted access to data, send a welcome email. It could be a subscription confirmation or prize draw entry receipt, or even the actual receipt of purchase. Just make sure it’s warm, fun and engaging. You don’t want immediate unsubscriptions!

  1. Good wifi

Make sure your wifi’s good enough to support your systems! When you’re renting a space for a short period of time, it can be a struggle to get the right plan. Of course, if you’re using it for you POS systems, interactive fun for your customers and things like music streaming, you can’t afford to lose it. Find out whether the store you’re renting has wifi, and how good it is. Consider taking a 4G router instead, or as backup.