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How to Appeal to the Millennial Market

With the buzz surrounding millennials - the question arises of how brands can play into this market through pop-ups? Let us break it down for you.


There’s always a lot about millennials in the headlines, whether it’s condemning their legendary love for avo on toast or infantilising their demands for political change. As they become the largest earners, however, the media and corporations alike are going to have to take note.

Why not beat the curve, and use a temporary retail space to establish your brand as one that understands the changing demands of the market? Millennials are, on the whole, more likely to spend their disposable income on the experiential (travel, entertainment) than the physical (clothing, furniture). When they are buying fashion, they opt for classic, ethical pieces with more emphasis on value for money than branding and logos.

So, how can your brand effectively play into this market with a pop up? Millennials may be rejecting traditional retail, but they can’t resist a limited-time offering. By giving your brand’s pop-up a unique theme or twist, like an exclusive collection or special offer available in-store only, you’ll catch their attention and get them into your store. From then onwards, your products should be able to speak for themselves.

Consider spicing things up a bit with some special guests, events or demonstrations in store to generate hype as well. The more buzz, the more millennials will be interested. Tap into that market, and your pop up will be a surefire success.