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Copenhagen - 9 Most Chic Streets for Your Next Store

Copenhagen Fashion Week premiered last week - let's have a quick look at the most fashionable and renowned streets for your next Pop-Up in Copenhagen.


With the successful holding of Copenhagen Fashion Week, we have seen countless brilliant designs and emerging brands blossoming across the Nordics. Let's have a quick look at the chicest streets in Copenhagen for your next Pop Up store.

Strøget | Photo by Svend Nielsen


No need to mention, Strøget is definitely the busiest shopping street in Copenhagen. You can find all the must-have items to enjoy during the day. All the big-name designer brands can be found here, including Bally, Maison Margiela, and Schiaparelli. As much as this street is about high-end luxury, it also has a great selection of everyday products. 

Gammel Kongevej | Photo by Thijs Kennis

Gammel Kongevej

Go big or go home, Gammel Kongevej is the final destination of numerous design brands. As one of the most popular shopping streets in Copenhagen and the most commercial part of town, as it is home to all the well-known brands and designer shops. This street is often referred to as "the Gucci street" and features luxurious designer shops with contemporary selected ones, especially in the latter part of the street.

Frederiksberg | Photo by Kristoffer Trolle


If your brand has a sophisticated vibe, then Værnedamsvej can speak your mind.  As one of Copenhagen's most famous shopping streets, Værnedamsvej has been popular with locals and tourists with its touch of french sensations. Located in the area of Frederiksberg, Værnedamsvej has long been a hub of creativity and culture. 

Copenhagen | Photo by Katarzyna Dutkowska


If your target customers live in hipness, Jægersborggade should be your first choice. Located in one of Copenhagen's most famous shopping districts, Nørrebro, Jægersborggade collects many indie boutiques and restaurants with the vibe of youth and grassroots.

Copenhagen | Photo by Kristijan Arsov

Elmegade and Birkegade

When checking out the stores in Copenhagen, you will notice that Elmegade and Birkegade serve as two street entrances in the Old City Quarter. The designer stores located in these specific streets include Acne, H&M, Freestore, Goop, Seche Vite, Shiseido, Star Wars, and Victoriabeck, to name a few.

Copenhagen | Photo by Kate Chenkova


Ravnsborggade is becoming quite a well-known shopping street in Copenhagen thanks to numerous shopping stores, including high street brands. Ravnsborggade, in its entirety, is the most prominent shopping street in Copenhagen and boasts many high-end shops.

Copenhagen | Photo by Kate Chenkova


If you are up to experimenting, Blågårdsgade is your street. Located in the area of Nørrebro, Blågårdsgade is the next most famous street in Copenhagen. Surrounded by music venues and vegan dining restaurants, Blågårdsgade is a prominent shopping street that's equally popular with professionals and fashionistas.

Copenhagen | Photo by Ava Coploff


If you want your store to be found among the good tastes, Pilestræde should be your choice. It is a centre for excellent urban design, fashion and coffee. From here, you will find a vast number of chic stores. Parallel to the much busier shopping street, Købmagergade, Pilestræde is dotted with stores with peculiar tastes.

Copenhagen | Photo by Pietro Rampazzo


If your brand speaks to a population with young and bumping hearts, then Larsbjørnstræde is your destination. This street is trendy among locals in the young people, as it is close to the city centre. It's frequented mainly by fashion-conscious consumers looking for the latest trends. In recent years, this street has become one of the most fashionable streets in the city.

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