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A Pop Up store and a showroom? Colorama did it.

How did Colorama turn one of xNomad's spaces into a beautifully curated and colorful Pop-Up and showroom? Follow along to get the insight.


Colorama is the biggest paint trader in the Nordics, with 170 stores in Sweden alone. Except for paint, they provide inspiration and expert services to their customers. Want to renovate your home or give it a fresh update? Then Colorama is the company for you. 

If you missed it, Colorama did their first ever Pop Up store back in September. Together with the designer Bea Szenfeld and the company Boråstapeter, they created a unique set of wallpapers. Colorama also collaborated with interior studio Esteriör and the influencer Melina Criborn to curate a palette of colors for their Pop Up store. - Colorama.

“We are very satisfied with our first Pop Up. We want to show more presence in Stockholm and invite customers to experience our exciting journey for the future.” - Jonas Lundin, CEO Colorama, Hus och Hem 

The perfect space that we matched Colorama with is a 140sqm medium sized premise at Grev Turegatan 1, a street located at one of the busiest areas in central Stockholm, Östermalm. The space is bright with its large windows by the entrance, which made the colorful Pop Up clearly visible to all the strolling shoppers from the street. 

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