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5 Hotspots for Your Next Pop-Up in Berlin

Let us run you through 5 of Berlin’s hottest retail spots, to give you some inspiration on where to set up your upcoming pop-up activations.


1.    Kufürstendamm 

Kufürstendamm has gained its reputation as the top luxury retail destination in Berlin, housing brands like Hèrmes, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Rolex, and Bottega Veneta, and Berlin’s largest department store - KaDaWe. The Kufürstendamm boulevard is the German equivalent of the Champs-Élysées and spans over 3.5 kilometers from the Kaiser Will Memorial Church in Charlottenburg to Grunewald. 

Even if the Kufürstendamm area is renowned for its posh selection of designerboutiques, its eastern extension through the Tauentzien Straße allows for a more well-rounded retail landscape - with stores catering to all tastes and budgets. The Kufürstendamm area is no stranger to short-term activations - for Shein x Klarna’s European Pop-Up Tour, the space for the showroom was located on Kufürstendamm 67.

Shein x Klarna's Pop-Up Showroom in Küfurstendamm © xNomad

2.       Alexanderplatz 

Alexanderplatz is a large public square and transportation hub in the central district of Mitte - one of Berlin’s busiest areas, with an infrastructure that guarantees a daily footfall of over 300,000 visitors. Alexanderplatz is also known for its broad selection of retail stores - featuring Alexa Shopping Centre, the Kaufhof Department store, and the re-vamped Saturn store, and Primark. 

With Alexanderplatz’s pulse and heavy foot traffic, this area offers some golden potential for short-term activations. In the Alexa shopping mall you can find over 180 store spaces - so the opportunity to score the perfect mall space for your brand is boundless. 

Alexa Shopping Center, Alexanderplatz 

If you’re on the lookout for a readily available store space in the Alexanderplatz area, you should check out this stunning Design Studio.

3.       Friedrichstraße

Located in the heart of the entertainment district, Friedrichstraße is one of Berlin’s most raved-about shopping areas. In this area, visitors are given an array of possibilities in terms of how to fill their day - with an extensive selection of theatres, designer boutiques, and restaurants. 

Since 2021 this district is also considered a car-free promenade; a project intended to make the shopping boulevard more attractive and accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. So if you’re looking to set up shop in one of Berlin’s most popular shopping areas - Friedrichstraße should definitely be on top of your list.

Train Station, Friedrichstraße

4.       Hackescher Markt

This shopping square is targeted toward the fashion connoisseur and is located in the center of the Mitte area. Here one can find a selection of smaller shops offering designs and clothes made by young labels from the Berlin area, a number of sustainability-focused restaurants and cafes, and a selection of second-hand shops. Being easily accessible from all of the city's major tourist attractions, the Hackescher Markt draws a broad range of visitors with its eclectic vibe. 

5.       Schloßstraße

This renowned shopping mile in the Southeastern part of Berlin offers eager shoppers over 200,000 square meters of retail pleasure. Stretching from Steglitz town hall to Walther-Schreiber-Platz this area is packed with shopping malls, boutiques, jewelry shops, and much more. Here you can find one of Berlin’s largest shopping centers - Boulevard Berlin, with over 50 stores ranging from Levi’s, MAC, Pandora, Zara, and H&M. If you’re thinking about setting up a pop-up store in an area with a high footfall and where shopping is the core focus of visitors - Schloßstraße should be your spot of choice. 

That’s our run-through of some of Berlin’s prime retail locations. If you’re on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind store space in the retail metropolis that is Berlin, we currently have a selection of vacant spaces on our platform. 

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