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2022 Pop Up Trend Repor

2021 was a great year for Pop-Ups. We’ve seen many concepts turn into successful stores. With the New Year ahead - what trends will we see in 2022?


2021 was an exciting year for Pop Ups. We’ve seen many cool concepts and ideas that have turned into very successful stores. It’s time for a New Year. Let’s check some of the trends we will see in 2022.

Collaborations - A match made in Heaven

One that was a huge success was the Fendi x Skims Pop Up.

“We have not reach peak collaboration - we’re actually not even close” - Vogue US

The FENDI x SKIMS Pop Up collection brings together the aesthetic guidelines of the two brands to create a capsule wardrobe for the modern ladies. During the launch of the collection, both brands took over a new Rodeo Drive site with a unique 1,205 square foot dedicated area, which was created just for them.

Fendi x Skims Pop Up

Visitors to the FENDI x SKIMS Pop Up would be able to interact with the campaign through digital displays in an infinity-like room, as part of a digital picture room exhibit. Visitors could make a short video to post on social media after they have entered the building.

We know for sure that more mind blowing collaborations will come in 2022.

Interactive TV Show & Movie Themed Pop Ups

Netflix’s TV biggest shows like Squid Game or Stranger Things had their own Pop Ups stores all around the world.

Pop Up stores for "Stranger Things" were set up in New York City's Times Square as well as Los Angeles' The Americana at Brand. The shops allowed fans to get immersed in the "Stranger Things" universe while also selling exclusive merchandise and hosting picture opportunities.

Netflix, Stranger Things Pop Up stores

Interactive TV shows and movie themed Pop Ups are certainly going to be a trend in 2022 as the global streaming will continue to boom.

Eye Catching and Bold Concepts

Jacquemus opened an all-pink Pop Up store last year that was very hard to miss when walking past it.

Jacquemus 24/24 was a new pop-up shop in Paris that was designed to correspond with the launch of the brand's newest accessory, the Bambino Long bag, which was unveiled earlier in December. The PINK 2 collection could be found at the pop-up store, which was open 24 hours a day and offers an experience that was inspired by snack vending machines. Customers will be able to purchase highly wanted handbags 24 hours a day in the all-pink facility that was only open for a couple of days before being closed.

Jacquemus Pop Up

The one-of-a-kind retail experience sets the tone for the future of shopping, which will increasingly be contactless, completely automated, and inspired by the streamlined convenience of online encounters.

Burberry also opened a very unique Pop Up. A mirrored store that stood out with its contrasting materials that blended as well with its surroundings.

Burberry Pop Up

We are sure a lot of bold concepts will come this year.

Food Pop Ups Are Here to Stay

Hard luxury retailers are constantly adopting temporary Pop Ups and exhibits as a way to amuse and educate youthful customers, such as Tiffany & Co. Blue Box Cafes in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and Burberry’s Thomas’s Cafe in Shenzhen.

The underlying commonality across these Pop Ups and activations is that they prioritize foot traffic and brand education above immediate sales, as well as combining the hard luxury brand with a secondary, more inexpensive activity, such as attending an art display or drinking a cup of coffee.

Tiffany & Co Shanghai – Blue Box Cafe Pop Up

Moreover, Pop Ups have also been widely accepted among GenZ brands. Inu-san Onigiri is an example of a business that opened thanks to their Pop Up concept. It opened their temporary stores in the famous boba franchises Sno Tea and Feng Cha.

The ability to test the new concepts and ideas provides flexibility to pricing methods which proves that food Pop Ups will stay in 2022.

Inu-san Onigiri Pop Up Store


In the world of Pop Ups, the year 2021 was particularly exciting. Throughout the years, we've seen a variety of brillant new concepts and ideas that have developed into really successful campaigns. Contact us now to create more excitement for your consumers through Pop Up in 2022.