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Getting Your Pop-Up Shop Ready: Your Pre-Launch Checklist

Pop-up shops are a creative way for brands to connect with their customers. In simple terms, these are short-term stores offering a sneak peek into what a brand can provide, be it products or experiences. Because they’re temporary and expectations are high, it’s essential to plan everything down to the last detail. Here’s a straightforward checklist to get your pop-up up and running smoothly.


1. Final Inspection

Go over every detail of your space. Make sure that everything, from design to product placement, aligns with your brand and is customer-ready.

2. Staff Briefing

Hold a thorough briefing with your staff to go over brand values, customer service standards, and operational procedures, clarifying roles and resolving any last-minute questions.

3. Tech and System Checks

Double-check all your tech, like POS systems and digital payment options, ensuring everything works, and your team knows how to use them.

4. Marketing and Social Media Alerts

Shoot out those final reminders and alerts through email and social media to let your audience know your pop-up is about to launch, sparking interest and drawing in visitors.

5. Branding Elements Check

Ensure that all your branding elements, like banners and signs, are properly placed and visible, presenting a cohesive brand image to the visitors.

6. Inventory Check

Go through your stock levels one last time. Make sure you have enough on hand and that everything on display is in top condition.

7. Health & Safety Measures

Given the current global circumstances, double-check all health and safety measures, such as sanitization stations and social distancing markers.

8. Feedback Systems

Have feedback forms or digital systems in place and accessible. Feedback is vital for understanding customer experiences and making improvements for future pop-ups.

9. Emergency Protocols

Ensure that the staff knows all the emergency protocols, including the locations of fire exits and first aid procedures.

10. Final Promotion Push

Create a final buzz around your pop-up shop by engaging with local influencers, bloggers, or press, driving additional traffic and broadening your brand’s reach.

11. Sustainability Measures

Confirm all sustainability measures are in place and that waste bins are labeled correctly, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and proper waste management to the staff.

12. Customer Experience Walkthrough

Walk through the pop-up from a customer’s perspective before opening. Assess the flow, the display, and availability of assistance, and fine-tune any elements affecting the customer experience as needed.


Setting up a successful pop-up shop involves attention to a multitude of details. It’s about ensuring a seamless launch and creating memorable experiences for the visitors by paying heed to every operational and promotional detail.

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